BERLIN GLOBAL 💙 Augmented Berlin

Many voices, multiple perspectives: The exhibition’s virtual trailer

The new “BERLIN GLOBAL” episode on the “Augmented Berlin” AR app offers a foretaste of the world of BERLIN GLOBAL. Immerse yourself in the Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum and get a virtual sense of what awaits you in the exhibition.

The new AR episode serves as an interactive trailer. It guides users through the exhibition’s rooms and highlights one of the key motifs – the ability to switch perspectives and look behind the scenes of Berlin. Brief segments show fictional visitors introducing the exhibition’s main topics. Three-dimensional models of historical buildings as well as selected objects and artworks invite you to engage with the exhibition’s content.

Take part of BERLIN GLOBAL home on your smartphone or tablet

Augmented reality uses 3D models displayed on the screen and integrated into the surroundings to expand your experience.

Its 3D content gives users the sense of engaging and interacting with the exhibition's topics – as the AR episode turns your living room into part of the exhibition. The app can be used anywhere: at kitchen tables, in public settings or simply outside.

Take part of BERLIN GLOBAL home on your smartphone or tablet

PALAST DES ZWEIFELS – Exclusive collaboration with Lars Ø Ramberg

The BERLIN GLOBAL episode on the “Augmented Berlin” app also features a premiere in the field of digital art. In collaboration with Norwegian artist Lars Ø Ramberg, it reconstructs his iconic PALAST DES ZWEIFELS in virtual form and integrates it into the episode’s narrative exclusively for BERLIN GLOBAL. PALAST DES ZWEIFELS (“PALACE OF DOUBT”) can be explored for the first time here as a 3D model with the help of augmented reality. Users can experience how the work of art would look today.

PALAST DES ZWEIFELS is a work by Norwegian artist Lars Ø Ramberg. For six months in 2005, he transformed the empty Palace of the Republic – former seat of the East German parliament and major cultural centre – into a virtual institution of doubt. Aluminium letters erected on the roof of the building, three storeys high and illuminated by white neon tubes, formed the world “ZWEIFEL” (“DOUBT”).

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