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Welcome to WELTSTUDIO – the place for workshops and education, for spontaneous participation and spending some time, and for alliances with various municipal groups. In a 500-metre-square area, you will be encouraged to exchange ideas about Berlin in the world and the world in Berlin, and to become active together in an entertaining, surprising and unconventional way. Have fun exploring!

An overview of the WELTSTUDIO

The WELTSTUDIO features three cartographers specially designed for this space. They allow visitors to experience various methods of making maps in a new and creative way, and to critically question those methods. The three cartographers, the weaving cartographer, the body cartographer and the rolling cartographer, focus on your individual and shared connections with Berlin and the world.

How can you map your own global relations? A person-sized map in the form of a human figure encourages creative self-localisation in the world. Out of this come unique maps between the self and the world that depict the creators in their individual relationships, experiences and opinions in a global context. The posters, designed by individuals or in teams, will be displayed in the WELTSTUDIO for all to see.

A large, wooden loom invites WELTSTUDIO visitors to reflect on their geographical and emotional relationship to Berlin. Four questions serve as the starting point for textile maps, with the colouring of each individual thread representing an individual story. All the interwoven answers produce unique, ever-growing woven maps that reveal the diversity of the participants.

Visitors can use a fantastical rolling cartographer to create and deposit maps of their favourite places, which are then exchanged with other WELTSTUDIO visitors. The map is placed in a transparent ball and then brought up to ceiling level by a screw conveyor, where it begins its journey through the room. Far above the ground, it joins a map archive and temporarily becomes part of the exhibition. While that’s happening, a ball that someone else deposited earlier comes loose and lands on a velvet cushion for the visitor to take home with them. This unique souvenir might contain the directions to Madrid’s best ice cream parlour, or maybe to Berlin’s most idyllic park bench.

Just drop by the WELTSTUDIO before or after your visit to BERLIN GLOBAL. Like the Berlin exhibition, admission to the WELTSTUDIO is free of charge for the first 100 days after opening. You can try out everything that interests you here: check out the body, weaving and rolling cartographers. Are you interested in a guided tour of the exhibition, or would you like to take part in a workshop? Just buy a ticket for the corresponding event. See below for more information.

Vater begleitet Sohn an der Schreibmaschine
Ein Junge dreht an einer Kurbel.
Ein Mann mac
Familie sitzt auf Holzpodest und zeichnet auf einem Poster
Ein Mädchen bedient einen großen Webstuhl.
Ein junger Mann sitzt vor einem Webstuhl.

Practice makes perfect

Do you have a favourite place? Maybe it's even the same as someone else's?

Vater begleitet Sohn an der Schreibmaschine

A ball that makes connections

Off you go! The rolling cartographer is your connection to the world.

Ein Junge dreht an einer Kurbel.

Express yourself

A calligraphed path through life: there are no limits to creativity with the body cartographer.

Ein Mann mac

What connects you to the world?

Shared locations: the body cartographer isn't just about your own connections to the world.

Familie sitzt auf Holzpodest und zeichnet auf einem Poster

Weave for all your worth!

The weaving cartographer lets you weave a huge communal piece of work with other visitors.

Ein Mädchen bedient einen großen Webstuhl.

Stay connected

Smaller communal pieces of work are also possible

Ein junger Mann sitzt vor einem Webstuhl.

Drop Ins, guides tours, Workshops und discussion formats

From September 2021, the BERLIN GLOBAL exhibition will be accompanied by a diverse, and in some cases free, program of public tours, discussion formats and inclusive offers. As well as drop ins and school workshops for all ages in the WELTSTUDIO. Here is an overview of the complete program!


Public tours

Public Tour
Mon 11 am | Wed 11 am | Thu 4 pm | Fri 6 pm | Sat 11 am | Sun 8 pm (every two weeks), Sun 11 am bookable in English and in various languages.

Extensive installations and exciting stories introduce you to seven different themed worlds of Berlin. Special objects and presentations surprise you in every room: in the middle of BERLIN GLOBAL there is a rusty door weighing tons. What does this two-meter-tall object tell about expropriation and persecution and why is it also a symbol of the party scene of the 1990s? It is also worth taking a look up at the original lamps of the Palace of the Republic: How did Berliners have fun here 40 years ago?

Turn the “wheel of history” in 60 minutes, dance in the walk-in disco ball or discover the history of the place through the telescopes of the windows of the Humboldt Forum: the tour presents the historically and currently globally networked Berlin dialogically and interactively.

Duration: 60 minutes Price: 14 euros/8 euros p.p. including entry to the exhibition | 160 euros group price including entry to the exhibition

Mon 6 – 7:30 pm (every four months)

Extensive installations and exciting stories introduce visitors to seven very different thematic worlds in Berlin. Every room contains a prized object that’s sure to surprise: In the middle of BERLIN GLOBAL is a rusty safe door that weighs a tonne. What does this two-metre-high object say about expropriation and persecution and why is it also a symbol of the party scene in the 1990s? A look at the ceiling reveals the Palace of the Republic’s original lights. How did Berliners have fun here 40 years ago?

The tour in German sign language presents the globally connected Berlin of the past and present in a dialogue and an interactive format: During the 90-minute tour, you can spin the wheel of history or look through the spyglasses at the Humboldt Forum to discover the place’s history.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 8 euros per person, in addition to exhibition entrance fee | 160 euros for a group, incl. exhibition entrance fee |also bookable

The tour requires participants to have knowledge of DGS.

Sat, 1 – 3 pm (every four months)

Together with trained educators, blind, visually impaired, as well as seeing people can experience the exhibition acoustically and haptically. At the centre of this tour are the detailed explanations and descriptions of the thematic rooms and installations. Visitors are not allowed to approach certain objects; if needed, these objects can be more strongly illuminated. Some metal objects, such as a loudspeaker, the giant steel door of the former techno club ‘Tresor,’ or a figure from the ‘Red Sailors’ can be touched. Other stories are told via additional replicas, tactile materials, and listening materials. Ample time is allocated for these additional stories. Blind, visually impaired, and seeing people can discuss the objects they’ve touched or seen and enrich themselves.

Duration: 120 minutes
Price: 8 euros per person, in addition to exhibition entrance fee | 160 euros for a group, incl. exhibition entrance fee |also bookable

Public guided tour in simple language
Fri, 4 – 5:30 pm  (every four months)

The educators are flexible with people with learning difficulties, those still learning German, or visitors that wish to have an easily understood tour. The precise selection of a few individual stations allows for deeper discovery with time for conversations and discussions with various experiences of the senses. Playful elements allow easy access to the subject matter. For example, a figure from the ‘Red Sailors’ can be touched; visitors can make revolutionary noise, try out a gramophone, or discover local history by using the spyglasses at the Humboldt Forum.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 8 euros per person, in addition to exhibition entrance fee | 160 euros for a group, incl. exhibition entrance fee |also bookable

Offers for families

Public family tour
Mon 11.30 am (bookable in english), Sat 11.30 am,  Sun 2 pm | every four weeks

At the pace through BERLIN GLOBAL: Each room promises a new view of Berlin and the world, shared ideas and fun! An old steel door weighing tons, shimmering lamps like crystals or a small, fine cloth handkerchief. What do these things have to do with Berlin and why are they of great importance even for the whole world? Do you want to spin a bike with your family? Together you will set the big “wheel of history” in motion, sniff out Berlin smells at the fragrance station, dance in the walk-in disco ball or look back into the past through viewing tubes – a lot can be discovered in 60 minutes. Rest or carry on: Afterwards, relax in the lounge on a large, green Berliane or try out one of the three expansive cartographers in the WELTSTUDIO.

Duration: 60 minutes Price: 5 euros, p.p. plus admission to the exhibition
Suitable for ages 8 and up

Thu 11 am – 2 pm (every first Tuesday of the month)

In the ElternzeitKultur, BERLIN GLOBAL can be explored with the baby. A live speaker conveys exciting backgrounds in individual short tours. The aim of the campaign is to make it easier for everyone to visit museums with babies, because the inhibition threshold is often high. All the more reason for the Stadtmuseum Berlin to warmly welcome its very young guests!

Free of charge, plus admission to the exhibition

From February 2022: Drop In
Sat 2 – 5 pm (every four weeks)

For the creative design of unusual maps, three space-consuming cartographers are available in the WELTSTUDIO: the body cartographer, the weaving cartographer and the rolling cartographer. This is where maps are made from threads, huge posters with individual stories about the world and small instructions on how to get to favorite places. It is creatively built, woven, drawn, stamped and much more together. Making maps is challenged in a way that is fun for both adults and children alike.

Try out the installations yourself, design new maps, learn more about methods of critical cartography or talk to each other in a relaxed atmosphere – the doors of the WELTSTUDIOS are open to all interested parties of all ages.

Free of charge, plus admission to the exhibition

Interactive tour with the app Actionbound

What stories do building façades in Berlin-Mitte tell? What role do power and architecture play together? And why was a certain style built at a certain time? In daily life, we often simply walk past historic buildings. But societal ideals and political power structures have always influenced architecture. With your own smartphone or tablet, you can playfully discover the city – from the Nikolaiviertel to the Humboldt Forum. Interactive riddles teach you where power structures can be found in architecture, even today.

A partnership between the Stadtmuseum Berlin and the bachelor’s programme in museology at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences.

Participation in the tour is possible at any time. Further information 


Sat, 4 – 5:30 pm (every four weeks)

The tandem guided tour involves two people. An educator and a Berlin expert guide you through selected exhibition areas. The invited expert determines the subject matter. The experts will bring their own varied professional and personal backgrounds into the conversation and they may be a midwife, artist, small-scale female entrepreneur, biologist, historian, archaeologist, psychologist, female fire fighter or restorer. People who work as volunteers or who have provided curatorial support in the exhibition will also be invited. This makes every tandem guided tour individual and unique.

Length: 90 minutes

Price: 10 euros per person plus exhibition admission

Guided tour | professional experts | hybrid format
Wed, 6 – 7 pm (every four months)

Questions from many different angles focused on a specific object from BERLIN GLOBAL. Be it provenance, restoration, location in time and space, tie to Berlin and the world plus a great variety of subjects – there are no limits when it comes to interconnections. The invited professional expert will introduce surprising perspectives with her background knowledge and expertise. She will be able to supply far more information than there is ordinarily room for in an exhibition. The complexity and possibly also contradictoriness of the object and its research are addressed as well. The object will be ‘brought to life’ and unlocked for the public even if they have no prior knowledge.

Length: 60 minutes
Price: 10 euros per person plus exhibition admission

Offers for school classes

Workshop for grades 1-6

Everyone has rights! Children can playfully encounter their own children’s rights as laid out by the UN. Who established children’s rights? What do they protect from and what do they allow? And do all children have children’s rights? Students will learn about the children’s rights convention and likely hear about global institutions, such as the ‘UN’ and ‘Unicef,’ for the first time. They will find out what children’s rights look like around the world and that not all children experience the same daily life as is possible in the European Union. They will also create their own small web pieces based on their ideas and thoughts on the ten children’s rights which they can discuss and compare with each other, and they can take their work home.

Duration: 120 minutes
Price: 4 euros per person |at least 60 euros, incl. materials


Workshop for grades 1-6

In this workshop, students will take on the question ‘Who am I and what makes me unique?’ specifically as it pertains to their connections to the world. What similarities do I share with my fellow students? What things do we see differently and what connects us all as a group? Perhaps it’s a communal path to school, the manufacturer’s label on their sweaters, or even a preference for lasagne. Unique traits could be a language, family history, or even holidays in Spain.

On a communal poster, children will put together individually created depictions of themselves and use tape to show connections within their group.

Duration: 120 minutes
Price: 4 euros per person |at least 60 euros, incl. materials

Workshop from grade 7

Berlin’s history developed in a global context and continues in the present through globalisation and worldwide connectedness. World citizenship and communal efforts play a role, as does the increasing inequality between the global north and the global south.

Students will discover more about Berlin’s connections with the rest of the world (both past and present) at the exhibits ‘revolution,’ ‘borders,’ and ‘fashion.’ Afterwards, they will reflect on their personal experiences in a global context at the WELTSTUDIO and describe their hopes and desires for the future. They will create posters in tandem with other students that will be placed across from each other to creatively show the localisation of the students in the world.

Duration: 120 minutes
Price: 4 euros per person |at least 60 euros, incl. materials


Media workshop from grade 9

Young people will produce a radio feature in three hours at BERLIN GLOBAL with their own viewpoints on the topics of the exhibition. They will act independently, both in content and technique, in small editorial teams. Seven dilemmas will confront the young radio producers while walking through the exhibition. For example: ‘Borders protect me,’ and ‘Borders exclude me,’ or ‘I like having fun,’ and ‘I consume goods in a conscious manner.’ How do young people position themselves? What are their experiences and opinions? And what pros and cons will they find? They will discuss their positions amongst each other based on objects, texts, and installations at the exhibition.

In the second part of the workshop, a controversial radio show will be created using the debates with opposing opinions on current world topics. At the end, the programme will be listened to together and discussed.

Duration: 4 hours
Price: 8 euros per person |at least 120 euros

Bookable project from grade 9

Who are the curators behind the exhibitions? What stories and objects did they choose to present? And what connections can the young people find between BERLIN GLOBAL and their own worlds?

Over the course of three project days, young people will discover the Berlin exhibition at the Humboldt Forum and take a critical look at it. They will choose their favourite objects and stories, but also define the gaps. This allows them to get to know the job and challenges of a curator in a practical manner.

Based on their personal stance towards the exhibition, and accompanied by mentors, the junior curators will create an exhibition catalogue using their own photographs and texts. Two copies of the catalogue will be produced – one for the class and one for display at WELTSTUDIO.

Duration: 3 days, 4 hours each
Price: 290 euros per group

Guided tour from grade 7

Where is the world in Berlin and where is Berlin in the world? In 90 minutes, the young people experience the historical and contemporary interdependencies between city and world history.

With a special look at the formative events of the 20th and 21st centuries, Berlin’s world history is presented in an exemplary and dialogical manner. Questions from everyday life in the here and now of the young people are taken up: What or what would they take to the streets for? How important is sustainable consumption to young people? And when do you feel yourself as a citizen of the world? Impressive installations, moving stories and uncomfortable questions – in a sprint through the first floor of the Humboldt Forum on the Spree side, the students get an impression of global relationships in the past and present. These can then be deepened individually and independently in the exhibition.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 3 euros p.p., at least 50 euros, foreign language at least 60 euros

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